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 Response time is very important with water damage. The quicker you start drying the more money you can save on repairs and damages. When we get a call on water damage we send a crew out immediately. We protect any personal property and extract water from carpets, pads, and floors. The biggest change we have seen over 30 years in the restoration business is the concern of mold damage. We take all the necessary steps to help prevent the growth of mold, and have certified inspectors on staff that can do surface or air testing for mold.


  •  1.Spray Anti-microbial
  •  2.Set up air movers
  •  3.Set up large dehumidifiers




A fire can be devastating and we understand the homeowners concerns. We take pride on treating your home and property with great care. When packing out contents we use bubble paper on all property before placed in boxes. When cleaning is complete we re-inventory, re-wrap, and place in new boxes. We use the same process when doing any cleaning or painting. All American Cleaning & Restoration, INC. also uses the best trained contractors for any repairs. They specialize in fire, water, and mold damage.


We give a two year warranty on all repairs. All American Cleaning & Restoration, INC. will work directly with your insurance company. For those who don't have insurance or want to save money, we offer free advice and sell cleaning supplies at our office.


  • Inspect and evaluate damage to home and contents
  • Remove smoke and soot from home or business
  • Pack out and storage of personal property
  • Clean and deodorize all clothing using qualified vendors
  • All repairs needed to restore home
  • Ozone generators or Thermo-fogging for removing odors




 We give a free visual evaluation upon your request. All American Cleaning & Restoration, INC. uses a highly certified mold inspector. The inspector tests how toxic the mold is and how many spores it carries. A mold report is then sent to us to break down the mold type and toxic level in your home.


We set up containment and seal off smaller areas that have mold to ensure the spores do not ravel throughout your home or business. Large air scrubbers are used to continually clean the air. We have highly experienced contractors that can help with mold repairs. Another mold test is monitored to assure that toxic mold is eliminated.


We sell "do it yourself" mold kits at our office if you would like to attempt the clean-up yourself. Read up on MOLD FACTS




There are many forms of mold but one in particular is getting a lot of attention. This mold is known as "Black Mold". Black Mold is one of the more toxic molds. It is greenish-black in color. Black Mold is wet and slightly slimy to the touch. Toxic mold will grow in areas where the humidity is relatively above 55%.




For over 30 years, we have been cleaning carpets and furniture. We send at least two certified technicians to majority of homes. We do not charge to move furniture.


It takes an average of 3 to 4 hours for carpet to dry after cleaning, but there are times it could take until the next morning depending on conditions. If you want the carpet dry within 1 to 2 hours we will set up fans, upon your request, at no additional charge.


We use a residue free detergent mixed with hot water so after cleaning the carpet will stay clean longer. We give you a free spotting agent (residue free), upon request, to use on future stains. You will get a life time replacement free, so you will never have to buy a spotter again.


We specialize in removing urine odor in carpet and furniture. We use special enzymes specifically made for urine damaged carpet. For an additional fee we also can Scotchgard (preserve) your carpet or furniture after it has been cleaned.


If you are just looking to buy certain chemicals from us to do the cleaning yourself, at our shop we carry: Scotchgard, spotting agents, and chemicals for urine damage.




Sewer back-ups can create a major health hazard. Bacteria can grow leading to health risks. We have special chemicals and procedures to help prevent health or further structural damage. Again, if insurance is not an option we are here for advice and have chemicals for sale to help aid you.


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